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Monday, 10 July 2017


Whenever someone first hears of the Kashmir. Srinagar comes to our minds and this is natural because Kashmir is famous for its capital. We all may have heard of the quote that once Jahangir, the Mughal emperor said that if there is heaven anywhere in the world its in Kashmir. and true he was according to me. I have been to a handful of places out of my hometown and most of them are in the mountains and i think that this is so that i am so fond of mountains. They are something that signifies many things in our daily lives and incorporate those in our ideas reflected by our religions. One of them being the enormity of them. We as humans are mere creatures compared to mountains. Whenever we want to say something motivational, referring to the problem, we usually say that this mountain can be conquered. In 2014 i wanted to visit Kashmir because of the landscapes it offers and i had bought a new camera and i was very anxious to try it out. landscapes are my first preference. That goes back to the days when i actually bought a personal computer. The wallpapers that windows showed were actually landscapes and i wanted my desktop to look as beautiful as it can be so i would look for beautiful landscapes and this made my interest in the landscapes. Now most of the landscapes as we see are made in the mountains. Even when i was in junior school, the only landscape that we drew looked something like this.

It was surreal to see and to think of such a place . Quite, away from all the disturbances of the city life. I still think of this picture at nights and dream of the silence that it offers. the chirping of the birds and the soft and warm rays of the sun awaking the landscape from the deadly cold of the night. Everything seems to come to life. Once you enter the mountains, the vibes become very different, its like you become free. You can be anything you want to be, behave anyhow you like away from the eyes of the society.

So go to the mountains and feel yourself.

Much more coming related to my stories in the mountains. Stay tuned.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Depression - how to kill it

As the world move towards progress in the technological areas, humans beings follow the pursuit.Hence the work and responsibilities that keeps our system going smooth.Be it bringing vegetables or being on time in the office, every person in the world is tied to some kind of force that keeps their mind at a stable state.Nevertheless there are opposite forces that tries to keep us off track. (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction) ."NEWTON'S THIRD LAW" .Once off the track it gives hard times and if not controlled keeps on increasing with every passing second.

There are many reasons or I shall say infinite reasons for depression.It may be related to your financial status, your relationship status or thinking too hard about questions that can't be explained by science like the almighty and the purpose of our existence(This is the one that took on me) or it may be something else that show the symptoms of depression. Symptoms are very usual- insomnia, asocial behaviour, feeling afraid and so on.

First thing that you need to know is that you are not alone with this problem some 30% of the entire population is affected by this. I am talking about 2 billion people. This include thousands of wealthy celebrities that we think are unknown to depression. Life is not easy for any of us, We all have some problems. The ones who faces life with their heads up are the real warriors.

                                      We are warriors , not survivors 

concentrating on the beautiful times of our lives is the  the best cure available. Go to your facebook profile and check out those memories that you lived happily with your friends and family and embrace them or think and write about the happy times of your life. Thank God for the life that is given to you. There are still millions that sleep without food.

Friday, 23 August 2013


Since many days i was very busy with my studies. I have to study a lot as i am a science student. Specially wave optics require your  full concentration. And when physics ,chemistry are both mixed with maths, it makes a person fully indulged in them. Usually a science student does not have time for life.As my blogs suggests, i am in very much in love with the nature. Whenever i get time, I rush to a natural beauty and have my life on track. Nature for me acts as a stress buster.If i have a choice to choose from watching an oscar winning movie and visiting a place with nature's blessing, i will undoubtedly choose visiting the place.

Today, i went to a local garden in Patiala. Its called Baradari garden. Its pretty old and because of this reason there are many big trees with huge trunks. I sat on a table and saw a squirrel coming towards me. I think she saw a nut neat my foot. Firstly she hesitated, but then she understood that i mean her no harm.She came near me, took the nut and run quickly away from me. I loved the scene.Whenever i see perfection in nature, it reminds me of the perfectionist, the almighty. And then there is all praise for him. 

I got these beautiful snaps for you from the garden 

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Here I am writing about one of the most important topic of life.  What is our ultimate destiny? Why are we here on the earth? Who sent us here? These questions come to everyone’s mind.  Right?

Well, the answer is very simple. Almost all the religions in the world share same basics. The most common is that God is one and he is perfect. The basics teach us to have a good, honest life. As God, the almighty created all this universe, including us therefore we all are his creation and the reason behind this is unknown and whom so ever tried to know this have failed with very big margin.

We are all the sons and daughters of God.  Right? That’s why he loves us so much. He created us, loves us, fulfil our needs, listens to our wishes.

We go to church, temples, gurdwaras, mosques, etc . There we pray to him. He is the treasures of all good things. He is immortal. He is not afraid of anyone. He is not enemy to anyone. He is the creator of all. He takes care of his creations. He was and will still be there when no one else will be there. He is out of our imagination.

So here is the answer, our ultimate goal is to be like him. So now the question arises. How can we be like him?  As we all know that practise makes men perfect. If we want to be one top of anything it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some simple ways to win the game.

The ways

ü  Before doing anything, remember God

Before doing anything remember the perfectionist. Remember, he is perfect in everything. Making him as your teacher will ensure your victory everywhere. He will always be there as your coach to support you.

ü  Be honest with yourself

Its only us with whom with we are playing the game. To win the game we should not let ourselves cheat us. So being honest to ourselves will ensure that we do not cheat ourselves. If we cheat, it will ultimately lead us to lose the game.

ü  Search within yourself

Search within yourself for the good. The good always win over the bad. We all like it when the hero beats the villain. So when you search within, you will find your inner strength to overcome obstacle and make way to be good and you will make it near to destiny.

ü  Love everyone

Loving everyone equally will take us very near to the destiny. It is one of the qualities of God. Loving someone makes us happy and the person whom we are loving will also be happy. Remember one thing. God lies within all of us and loving someone means we are loving god.

ü  Love yourself

Loving yourself will give you strength to make yourself  win the game. You will focus on your steps. 

ü  Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself will boost your confidence and your probability to win the game. If you ever come across an obstacle remember why you started you journey and challenge that obstacle.


 Follow these simple ways and you will soon realize your inner strength. Remember, many         come to the world but only few of them wins the game. The choice is yours…!!