Friday, 23 August 2013


Since many days i was very busy with my studies. I have to study a lot as i am a science student. Specially wave optics require your  full concentration. And when physics ,chemistry are both mixed with maths, it makes a person fully indulged in them. Usually a science student does not have time for life.As my blogs suggests, i am in very much in love with the nature. Whenever i get time, I rush to a natural beauty and have my life on track. Nature for me acts as a stress buster.If i have a choice to choose from watching an oscar winning movie and visiting a place with nature's blessing, i will undoubtedly choose visiting the place.

Today, i went to a local garden in Patiala. Its called Baradari garden. Its pretty old and because of this reason there are many big trees with huge trunks. I sat on a table and saw a squirrel coming towards me. I think she saw a nut neat my foot. Firstly she hesitated, but then she understood that i mean her no harm.She came near me, took the nut and run quickly away from me. I loved the scene.Whenever i see perfection in nature, it reminds me of the perfectionist, the almighty. And then there is all praise for him. 

I got these beautiful snaps for you from the garden 

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