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Monday, 2 September 2013

The Sunday Class

Yesterday was Sunday and as usual I went on to attend my one of the most important classes on better living. The topic was the phases of life a spiritual man goes through in his life. As the topic is broad, so for this class we discussed only a portion of it. The lessons are taken from the holy book of Sikhs, “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji”.

Here was one point in the discussion which I liked the most.  That was, we all went to school, right? In schools there are many facilities available to students. There are good classrooms, water for drinking, we take lunch over there and do many more things. But, what is the actual reason for which we go to school?

The answer is simple. We go to school for learning. We don’t go there for sitting in classrooms or drinking water or for lunch. Same is with our earth. The almighty has provided us with a beautiful environment for our needs. They are for our uses only. No one is going to take it away with them when they leave the world. We are not here to take advantage of nature. We are born for some reason. There is a purpose of our life. The world is set in an auto-cycle. People wake up early in the morning, get ready for their work in hurry and go to their respective works. Their whole day is spent like this in hurry doing many things that they think are the most important in their life. They come home tired and sleep. They don’t get the chance to think that what is the actual reason, we are here. Many are born who are bought in the auto-cycle and many die leaving. No one actually thinks about the purpose of life leaving some.

This is the only the first stage when a man thinks about the purpose of life and step  towards spirituality. The world is like a guesthouse for us. We come here one day and leaves on the other. So it’s our kind duty to keep the house clean and clear. The authority, that is the almighty, the owner of the guesthouse is doing his duty but keeping it clean as far as possible but the guests are not. It does not look good. So whenever you do something harmful to the nature, think that you are a guest here and if a guest does something bad in the guesthouse, he is not allowed to enter again. It’s our duty to keep it clean.

At last we all have to go. Who so ever came here, surely went back.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Here I am writing about one of the most important topic of life.  What is our ultimate destiny? Why are we here on the earth? Who sent us here? These questions come to everyone’s mind.  Right?

Well, the answer is very simple. Almost all the religions in the world share same basics. The most common is that God is one and he is perfect. The basics teach us to have a good, honest life. As God, the almighty created all this universe, including us therefore we all are his creation and the reason behind this is unknown and whom so ever tried to know this have failed with very big margin.

We are all the sons and daughters of God.  Right? That’s why he loves us so much. He created us, loves us, fulfil our needs, listens to our wishes.

We go to church, temples, gurdwaras, mosques, etc . There we pray to him. He is the treasures of all good things. He is immortal. He is not afraid of anyone. He is not enemy to anyone. He is the creator of all. He takes care of his creations. He was and will still be there when no one else will be there. He is out of our imagination.

So here is the answer, our ultimate goal is to be like him. So now the question arises. How can we be like him?  As we all know that practise makes men perfect. If we want to be one top of anything it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some simple ways to win the game.

The ways

ü  Before doing anything, remember God

Before doing anything remember the perfectionist. Remember, he is perfect in everything. Making him as your teacher will ensure your victory everywhere. He will always be there as your coach to support you.

ü  Be honest with yourself

Its only us with whom with we are playing the game. To win the game we should not let ourselves cheat us. So being honest to ourselves will ensure that we do not cheat ourselves. If we cheat, it will ultimately lead us to lose the game.

ü  Search within yourself

Search within yourself for the good. The good always win over the bad. We all like it when the hero beats the villain. So when you search within, you will find your inner strength to overcome obstacle and make way to be good and you will make it near to destiny.

ü  Love everyone

Loving everyone equally will take us very near to the destiny. It is one of the qualities of God. Loving someone makes us happy and the person whom we are loving will also be happy. Remember one thing. God lies within all of us and loving someone means we are loving god.

ü  Love yourself

Loving yourself will give you strength to make yourself  win the game. You will focus on your steps. 

ü  Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself will boost your confidence and your probability to win the game. If you ever come across an obstacle remember why you started you journey and challenge that obstacle.


 Follow these simple ways and you will soon realize your inner strength. Remember, many         come to the world but only few of them wins the game. The choice is yours…!!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Music- Voice of God

We all love music. Without music, i think there would not be something so called a "beautiful" life.

We all love a different types of music and i don't think there will be any living person who doesn't have a part of his life dedicated to music. we start whispering when we hear our favorite song.  For some it may be a rock n roll and for some it would be soft music.

Scientifically, Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence with pitch, rhythm, dynamics and sonic qualities of timbre and texture as its common elements.

Since we can have a different definitions of music from different cultures around the world but there is certainly no certain language of music. It existed long before any language was discovered.It connects people in the world. Helping people to understand each other by the type of music we like.The type of music we like, portrays our inner image. It motivates us .It inspires us.

For me its a part of my life.Actually, i am very moody type of person. So whenever i have to make my mood for something, i leave this job on music.While i am writing this post, my ears are covered with headphones with a melodious song playing in my ears taking me with its flow.

Music can be created from anywhere, be it a football stadium with thousand of vuvuzelas making noise or a quite place like a morning in a countryside village with birds whispering their melodious songs.

Being a form of art , its obvious that it can be used in expressing your feelings. I must say, it is the strongest form of art influencing every person on earth. Some people a fond of painting, some are not but i don't find a person who don't like music.

Be it a theist or atheist , music is involved in everyone's life.Music can be seen in any religion in the world .It is the way to reach god. Temples are usually made with a dome. Do you know why? Well !! its because when we recipe a prayer, it comes back with a echo .Mixing the frequencies of our voice and echo provides a rhythm .

At last i would say Music is a God's gift to us which reflects his love for its children.
May this help us to be near him...!!!