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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

3 Secret Habits behind a Genius Brain

As we all know that the most important organ of our body is brain. If our brain is healthy our body will ultimately be happy. Our brain controls our whole body including all the other organs. It takes about 20% of the oxygen intake of the body. So here I am going to tell you the simple tasks to keep your brain healthy. Here we go

Never skip your breakfast

Yes, this is one of the best habits that will help you to get a genius brain. Not having orderly breakfast effects your brain by reducing the amount of blood sugar in your body. Hence putting your body in power saver mode.

Never cover your head while asleep

Never sleep with your head covered. Covering your head while asleep will reduce the oxygen intake of your body. Hence affecting your brain.


Meditation for brain is like engine oil for engine. Meditation improves our performance. It boosts our memory as well as logical skills. Meditate at least once daily.


Follow these simple tactics and you will be able to overclock your brain easily. It’s guaranteed !!!