Sunday, 25 August 2013


I have been making mistakes since my childhood and I have made so big and big mistakes that I think no one else have made it. But I didn’t stop working. My mistakes taught me to be wiser day by day. Now when I am a bit wiser than earlier, I know what is good and bad for me but my temptations drag me towards them.

I used to think too much about my life but day by day as the time changed, I actually understood the way the life is to be lived. We all have a different lifestyles and I am not saying that any lifestyle is bad but what we actually do reflect our life. That is our everyday actions reflect our life. The actions don’t just tell other about us but also tell ourselves about us.

I have heard many people saying that don’t stop until you find your passion. But I don’t think that all of them know how to find it. The point is to stop finding it. Just do your everyday tasks nicely, your passion will automatically come to you. Whenever we try to find our passion by ourselves, we ignore many things saying that it’s not our passion and the thing that ultimately happens is that we really sit without actually trying the things out.

So what I want to say is we should take care of small things, bigger ones will themselves fall in line. Building are also made with bricks and oceans with drops. Remember, people die but legends live.The things you do today will reflect your life tomorrow. Our today’s actions will become the mirrors of our life that will reflect the outcome of our life tomorrow. Nobody wants a dull future. We all want a good and bright future. Do not do anything that we will have to regret tomorrow. 

Be a legend that people should remember us.